How Many Engine Options Does the 2023 GMC Canyon Offer?

2023 GMC Canyon AT4X Edition 1 front profile

2023 GMC Canyon Engine Options

If you’ve been searching for a new truck that can deliver the power and capability you need every day while also getting the efficiency and performance you desire, you’ve just found the perfect truck. The 2023 GMC Canyon receives a new engine for the model year that will give you all the horsepower and torque you need to handle the tough jobs. From towing and hauling to cruising down the highway or driving off-road, the 2023 GMC Canyon can do all of them better than its competitors. Keep reading to learn more about the new engine of the 2023 GMC Canyon pickup truck to see just how powerful and capable it is. 

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2023 GMC Canyon Horsepower and Torque Ratings

Underneath the hood of the next-generation 2023 GMC Canyon pickup truck is a 2.7L turbo high-output engine that cranks out 310 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. All this power and torque is sent to the wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission that is electronically controlled with overdrive. This new engine also features an automatic start/stop function that helps increase fuel efficiency and an engine block heater that helps ease cold weather starts.

2023 GMC Canyon Transmission Features

The innovative eight-speed transmission includes a tow/haul mode that raises transmission upshift points to provide more power to accelerate when pulling a heavy trailer or payload. It also raises downshift points to use engine compression to help slow down the 2023 GMC Canyon. Another feature of the eight-speed transmission is Power Grade Braking. This feature automatically uses the engine and transmission to slow the 2023 GMC Canyon in order to maintain your speed when driving downhill, which helps reduce brake wear. An additional feature of this transmission is cruise-grade braking. This feature automatically downshifts to help slow down the 2023 GMC Canyon as it drives downhill if it exceeds the speed set on the cruise control by a certain amount.

2023 GMC Canyon Drive Mode Selector

If you really want to tailor your drive to the road conditions you’re driving on, the 2023 GMC Canyon’s drive mode selector feature can do it. With up to five available drive modes to choose from, you can have your 2023 GMC Canyon adapt to your preferred performance and driving preference on a variety of road conditions. View all five selectable driving modes below.

  • Normal
  • Off-Road
  • Tow/Haul
  • Terrain
  • Baja

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