Top 5 Reasons I Love My GMC Terrain (Voice of the Customer)

Hi there, My name is Andrea Thompson. I have a toddler who is 15 months old.

When we found out we were pregnant we looked into trading in our 2012 Buick Regal for something with a bit more room that would accommodate our family.

Testing out the 2018 GMC Terrain Denali I knew the upgrade was a must.

Having extra storage and sitting higher up were just a few reasons I instantly fell in love. Read below in this post to see the reasons why I love my Terrain.

Here are my top 5 reasons

#1 - Blindspot Detection

I use this feature on a daily basis. 

Not only does the mirror light up but I feel a vibration and a funny sound that lets me know I am too close to someone or there is oncoming vehicles/objects too close. 

#2 - Parking

The size of the GMC Terrain is great for parking. With the great camera, it makes parking easy and without the stress.   There is also the self-park option, rarely do I use this, but if it seems busy and I want a perfect park this is a win-win. 

Push the button, take your hands off the wheel, and watch how the vehicle is parked perfectly parallel. 


#3 - No Gear Shift

This took me a couple days to get used to. 

Being able to have the centre console free to hold any of my belongings is a great bonus. Lots of room for coffee and water. 

The ease of just pushing a button makes it easy to switch gears. 


#4 Storage Space

The above video will show you how much we were able to cram into the Terrain on a trip to the cottage.  Initially, we thought we would have to take my husband’s truck but the Terrain came through!

We have a super large stroller and it fits in the back no problem with lots of room for groceries or Costco runs. 

I also find it very user friendly to fold down the seats if you need more space. No looking through manuals or getting frustrated, just pull the latch and push, pretty simple. 

#5 - Extras

or maybe 5 more... sorry!


Heated steering wheel:

This is such a luxury that I would always want to have with future vehicles. 

Remote start:

Ontario has some cold winters, I use this often and know that when I step in my SUV it will be nice and toasty. 

I always thought it was such an unnecessary feature on a vehicle, however when I am in and out of the car and most times holding a toddler it is something I love. 

Hands-free liftgate (I call it open with a kick)

I LOOOOOVE this feature, especially with your hands full.  You simply kick your foot under the rear bumper and voila… it opens!  I always get a lot of looks when someone sees me do this.

Panoramic sunroof. 

Big enough to let the sunshine in and for everyone in the vehicle to enjoy.   When it’s fully opened it feels like you are in a Jeep!


What I Would Change?

This vehicle is a perfect size for a family of 3 with lots of storage space. 

If you added another kid requiring a car seat into the mix I would say it would be a tight squeeze. I do notice with the car seat there is not a lot of room to recline back. 

This winter we installed a set of snow tires to be extra safe. 

We did notice the tires that come with the car are fine, however, they were not the greatest in the snow. I would recommend buying a good set of snow tires for this vehicle. 

The Terrain Denali is a vehicle that I always look forward to driving. It’s a comfortable SUV that has features and options I use every time I take the wheel. This vehicle is safe and my son loves cruising and appreciates the Bose sound system.


By: Andrea Thompson

2018 GMC Terrain Denali Owner