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Truckville is more of a culture than a catchy slogan. The process focuses on educating vs selling (the trucks usually sell themselves). It’s about being helpful, friendly, and an easy place to buy a GMC Sierra or a Chevrolet Silverado.

You Ask, We Answer

Our philosophy around being the most helpful truck store in Ontario is simple. Answer customer’s questions!! It’s a novel idea, isn’t it? Buying a new or used truck can be a daunting task. With so many different trim levels and configurations, where do you even start? Some dealers prefer to “get’em in” to the dealership where they can control the sales process. Most customers spend hours on the Internet researching trucks. It would be a shame not to share our expertise and save you some time. We’ve set out to answer and educate through our socials. Learn more by visiting our Blog, Youtube Channel and our Instagram account.

If a picture is worth a thousand
words then a video is worth a million!

Our acting skills aren’t anywhere close to our truck knowledge. But that doesn’t mean we’re afraid of the camera. See a truck in our inventory you like? Want a personalized video walk around? We can do that.

What To Expect When You Arrive Ernie Dean

Big Selection of Trucks

We may be a small town dealer but we don’t hold back when it comes to stocking trucks. Our inventory is constantly changing so be sure to check back often.

Paved Country Roads

Paved country roads to test drive. No traffic or stress!

Relaxed Atmosphere

Relaxed atmosphere to kick back with a coffee and get your questions ANSWERED.

VIP Appointment

Booking a VIP appointment will ensure your truck of choice is ready to drive upon arrival. Our clients save up to 50% of their time with a scheduled meeting vs drop in.

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Our Staff

• Close to 100 years in truck sales experience
• Laidback and friendly
• No suits.
• Communication - phone, email, text, or video. Pick your preference.
• Truck crazy… sales meetings often get sidetracked with the newest packages or options

Sharing as much information as we can BEFORE you visit the dealership isn’t the norm in our business. But it feels right.